Bridges & Elevated Surfaces

Eccles' access and drainage solutions for elevated structures.

For over 30 years the importance of positive and effective drainage on bridges and elevated roads has long been recognised.

Critical to the many design aspects of the structure, effective drainage is essential to remove dangerous levels of surface and sub-surface water from the carriageway, which helps prevent aquaplaning and dangerous driving conditions.

Effective drainage also helps protect the local watercourse systems from becoming saturated whilst prolonging the lifespan of the bridge or elevated structure.

We have recently developed AquaDeck as a combined kerb drainage system for use on bridges and elevated highways, or where construction depths are limited.

Made from a high strength ductile iron, this new system provides a smart, effective drainage and water removal solution, carrying surface and sub-surface water safely away from the bridge to help manage local watercourse systems, and to make the surrounding infrastructure safer for all users.

Case Study


New drainage system at popular motorway junction aims to increase road safety, facilitate capacity and improve traffic flow.