High quality, reliable products: certified as standard


We operate a policy of continuous improvement for customers, employees and our environmental practices.

Achieving accreditation to these demanding standards reinforces our position as a global supplier in drainage and access solutions.


Eccles currently holds two of its own BSI Kitemark license KM656300 for the standards EN124-2:2015 and KM734342 for the standard EN1433:2006.

This certification confirms our commitment to demonstrating leading levels of consistency, quality, and reliability throughout our entire product portfolio.

In addition our range of EN1433 is fully compliant with both the new UK Conformity Assessed (CA) Mark, and Conformité Européenne (CE) Mark.

This investment in certification provides our customers across the globe with the peace of mind that our products have been rigorously tested and certified by the world’s leading independent third-party certification bodies.

As a global supplier we also work with other recognised certification bodies such SGS, LRQA, NF, TUV, TL and Lloyds British.


Our UK testing facility has a custom-built compression testing machine with verification and calibration of the force measuring system to ISO EN 7500-2:2004 for the testing of our products EN124:2015 and EN1433:2006.

Our digitised test load equipment can apply a load of up to 1500kN (150 tonnes) with a bed size 1000mm x 1000mm, whereby a wide range of products can be tested at our in-house facility on this equipment. In addition we also have the capability to carry new additional tests in EN124 such as pull out and tilt tests in accordance with annex D and annex E of the standard.

After practically testing the samples and prototypes, we thoroughly inspect and analyse each one to ensure they are manufactured to the high design requirements set by Eccles and meet the parameters and specifications of the corresponding standard and our strict quality control requirements.

Providing this process in-house offers significant benefits as it allows us the flexibility to make dynamic adjustments and modifications to perfect the product for optimum functionality and performance.

Only once these stringent requirements are met, and our rigorous testing is complete, is the product then ready for production in our certified production facilities.

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