Eccles' access and drainage solutions for airports.

Wet runways, or runways contaminated with standing water, snow, ice or slush can be very dangerous for an aircraft’s approach and landing.

The presence on the runway of fluid or solid contaminants can reduce the friction force between the planes’ tyres and the runway surface, which can negatively affect braking performance, skew landing distances, reduce directional control and impact stopping forces.

The prevention of dangerous aquaplaning is absolutely critical for the safety of all airport users; the management of surface water on aprons and runways must be handled in the most effective way possible.

We provide market-leading drainage and water removal solutions that take dangerous surface water away from an airports’ infrastructure, helping uphold aircraft integrity and ensuring that the surrounding areas continue to function safely and efficiently.

Case Study

Gatwick Airport

Drainage innovations for a new road network improvement scheme at one of the UK’s busiest commercial airports.