Glossary of Industry Terms

An explanation of industry terminology

Clear Opening – The nominal unobstructed access opening in a frame, disregarding minor intrusions such as locking lugs seatings of rectangular frames.

Closed Keyways – Prevent ingress of water and debris into the chamber below together with preventing the escape of odours.

Double Seal – A double tongue and groove arrangement that is air tight when filled with grease or a suitable sealing compound, which is required when Foul access covers are inside a building.

Double Triangular – Covers comprising of two or more triangular elements for the purpose of providing stable seating under load by means of three point suspension.

Frame Bearing Area – The surface of the underside of the frame which upon the supporting structure.

Kitemark – A recognised 3rd party certification body.

Locking – Standard locking bolts can be fitted to most Eccles products to deter unauthorised access or alternatively we can offer Security Bolts if required.

Loosely Coupled – Two halves of a double triangular cover are loosely coupled which allow the individual covers to act independently in service and prevent separation of the covers when lifting during maintenance.

Nominal Bearing Pressure – The bearing pressure calculated by dividing the test load (BS EN 124-1:2020) by the Frame Bearing Area.

Open Keyways – Will permit the ingress of water and do not prevent the escape of odours.

Plain Seated – Not sealed, but jointed contact between a cover edge and frame.

Pressure Tight – Proof against the escape of fluids/gases at a specified pressure.

Prising Slot – Recesses to receive a suitable tool for the purpose of loosening a cover prior to lifting.

Recessed Cover – Cover recessed to accept the insertion of chosen material normally to match the surrounding area.

Safety Grid – A fabricated steel or GRP grid housed under a cover when installed to prevent an accidental cover to be dropped into the supporting structure below.

Sealing Plate – Galvanised steel or GRP located under the cover to provide additional protection against the odours or storm surges.

Seating – The bearing surface between the cover and frame.

Single Seal – A single tongue and groove arrangement that is air tight when filled with grease or a suitable sealing compound

Ventilated – Cover and/or frame provided with opening to allow free circulation of air within the supporting structure below.

Watertight – Proof against the passage of surface water of a minimal depth and at atmospheric pressure.

Waterway – The drainage area of a gully grating is normally expressed CM2.