Highways & Roads

Eccles' access and drainage solutions for highways and roads.

In the UK we currently have over 250,000 miles of road network, including 2,300 miles of motorway.

With such a vast impermeable area, coupled with the UK’s famous wet weather, it’s easy to see how surface water could quickly build up to dangerous levels if not managed properly.

This surface ponding of water on roads, and its runoff, must be dispersed efficiently to prevent unsafe driving conditions for road vehicles, as well reducing the impact of flooding due to overloaded watercourse systems.

We provide effective drainage and water removal solutions that take surface water away from the carriageway to prevent aquaplaning and skidding, and to help make our roads safer for all users.

Case Study


New AquaDeck combined kerb drainage system is selected for M56 smart motorway project, which aims to increase road capacity whilst reducing surface ponding and water runoff.