Instructions for reinstating an access cover


1.  Saw cut around the existing cover and frame and remove. 
Please note Eccles will recycle your old covers and frames.
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2.  Remove debris, loose bricks and old bedding mortar and ensure all surfaces are clean.


3.  Place layer of bedding mortar on brickwork in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, generally between 25mm to 40mm in depth.
Ensure sufficient coverage for full contact with the underside of entire flange, making sure that the frame is level with the finished surface.
Adjust the frame to the required level by tamping the frame into the bedding mortar.
 4.  The flange is equipped with a mortar level indicator, pay particular attention to ensure the flange is fully encapsulated to this level, especially at the corner areas.
Note : polyester bedding mortars should carry HAPAS/BBA approval.
5.  Once the bedding mortar has set, backfill with a suitable mortar in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


6.  Apply Bitumen tack coat or edge sealant to all exposed edges and the new frame.
7.  Apply surface course; the wearing course/pavement material. 
Take care not to disturb the frame, especially where mechanical equipment is used.


8.  Apply overbanding to the join between the new surfacing material and the existing surface.
Where Bitumen based surfacing materials are used, note: it is important to cover any saw cuts that extend beyond the reinstated area in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


Eccles (UK Foundries FE) Ltd are continually seeking to improve our products therefore we reserve the right to alter product specifications without prior notice. It is the responsibility of all users to ensure that the above information is current. Further installation details are available upon request. It is always recommended that the use of road plates be used where access covers, gully grates and frames are exposed to construction and site traffic during the construction phase of any project and in accordance with ‘Annex F’ EN124-1:2015.

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