Eccles (UK Foundries Ltd) is a progressive, independent company with a diverse portfolio of access and drainage solutions that services multiple industries.

Due to the global nature of our supply chain and the various international markets that we operate in, we recognise that our day-to-day business practices do have some environmental impact.

We are committed to managing these and reducing our environmental footprint. Sustainability is important to us as a company, and we know that it is also important for our customers, partners and suppliers.

It is our intention to become a responsible business at the forefront of change when it comes to protecting the environment. We want to leave a positive environmental legacy for future generations and ensure that lasting damage is not done to the planet that we all share.

We will therefore manage our processes, materials and people in a conscientious way to reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with our business, and we will continue to make positive environmental improvements.


Read our Environmental, Social and Governance Policy and learn how we assess our net positive impact in the world and take concerted, defined and measurable action to improve it.


Ductile Iron: a recycled and recyclable material

Ductile iron is considered an environmentally-preferable material because it has a very high recycled content (up to 90%) and is also recyclable at its service life, making it a sustainable solution for water management products and systems.

With an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, graphite-rich ductile iron is a very efficient and high-performing material, and because it is significantly lighter than traditional gray iron and legacy materials it reduces distribution and transport costs, helping saving energy and reduce the production of CO2.

All our ductile iron access covers and frames are quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to the environment and surrounding area.

reforestation and carbon offsetting

We have signed up to the Ecologi Reforestation and Carbon Offsetting Initiative. 

This is our commitment to plant new trees each month to help restore nature and remove carbon emissions.

managing Water and protecting local ecosystems

It is our objective to supply the most effective and appropriate drainage solutions for any project across any sector.

By removing unwanted surface and sub-surface water from permeable and impermeable roads, bridges and other large infrastructure, we prevent watercourse systems becoming overloaded which helps negate the devastation that flooding and dangerous storm surges can cause to the local environment.

saving energy with anti-theft innovations

Our product range is smart and innovative, and many now feature lockable, indexed covers and frames.

As well as providing peace of mind and protection against theft, this technology helps reduce energy that would be spent producing, transporting and installing replacement parts.

focusing on R&D to drive positive change

We work with many technology partners including universities so we can continue to develop innovative and more sustainable product ranges and help deliver low carbon product enhancements.

office and Warehouse procedures

We have identified and implemented new practices to make our working environment greener, including minimising our product packaging, recycling office waste, eliminating unnecessary business trips, utilising technology for virtual meetings and using innovation to develop more environmentally-friendly product lines.

reducing pollution and congestion

We always hold large stocks of all our popular product lines, and are extremely fast and efficient with our product deliveries.

This means that projects get completed sooner with less street closures or public delays, helping reduce congestion and pollution in built-up areas.


  • Minimise the use of greenhouse gas emissions to combat the impacts of climate change
  • Reduce our energy requirements and improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce the impact of our transport, by reducing the need to travel and choosing greener travel choices where feasible
  • Gain a better understanding of human/environmental relationships and ensure that new procedures and policies have no negative impact on the wellbeing of people
  • Manage our waste by minimising, storing, recycling and disposing of waste and packaging in a responsible manner
  • Empower staff members to make environmentally driven decisions, strive for sustainable innovation and promote an environmentally responsible working culture
  • Recognise and reward sustainability-oriented innovations across the company
  • Work with our supply chain to reduce energy and waste, and encourage our suppliers and contractors to support these same objectives
  • Investigate the use of materials and components that have a lower environmental footprint
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and keep up with regulatory changes
  • Continue to promote environmental best practice in the marketplace and inspire others to make a difference too


Our Environmental Policy will be reviewed annually by the Board to ensure that it continues to be effective and appropriate at achieving its goals. We will continue to challenge established procedures and contribute to the positive change we are committed to making for the environment.

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