New Covent Gardens Market

£2billion modernisation project in Nine Elms, London, to include new drainage systems

New Covent Garden Market (NCGM) is the largest wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower market in the United Kingdom.

Located in Nine Elms, London, the market covers a site of 57 acres and is home to over 200 fruit, vegetable and flower companies.

With plans agreed to redevelop the site to modern facilities, and to make it a world leading 21st century horticultural market, the second phase of works started in January 2021 and is expected to complete in 2026.

This is fantastic news for traders in London, providing tenants with the best possible facilities to continue serving customers across the UK, including newly-designed units, new logistical spaces, larger vehicle loading areas and wider access for buyers.

The £2 billion project also serves the wider community and is expected to provide 2,000 additional jobs, including 3000 new homes, 135,000 square feet of commercial units and 100,000 square feet of retail facilities.

NCGM is the largest wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower market in the United Kingdom

It is home to over 200 fruit, vegetable and flower companies

Alongside all this new infrastructure, one of the key considerations for the site was to ensure that the access and drainage system in place also functions optimally.

DU022 manhole covers, part of the Eccles D400 MaxiGripTM range, were chosen to service this project.

Manufactured from strong ductile iron, these covers are capable of withstanding large loads up to 40 tonnes, which is important in areas where high volumes of cars and lorries are loading and unloading stock in the market.

As well as being strong and durable, the D400s also feature our unique SmartGrip TechnologyTM anti-slip tread pattern as standard, designed to provide a high PSRV skid resistance value >70, as well as a three point suspension for non-rock stability.

This range is a great choice for a site like this, which has a long standing and proud heritage, as the units are neat, stylish and well-designed, as well as being functionally superior.

In addition, the products have Kitemark certification (BSI EN124:2-2015) for proven safety and quality standardisation.

Each access cover is also fitted with a W identifier plate as a convenient indicator that water is running underneath.

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