Red Bull Technology Campus

New development hub required best-in-class drainage

When it comes to technological innovation and leading the world in advanced automotive engineering, few companies can compete with the impressive Red Bull Technology Campus, located in Milton Keynes, England.

This development hub is the technological arm of the world-famous Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, and when it comes to innovation and advancement, you can be sure that the standards are sky high and as exacting as can be.

So when the company decided that it needed a new internal road layout creating around the campus, along with an upgraded parking area, they wanted a drainage manufacturer that could match their brand’s high standards of professionalism, safety and style.

Eccles was recommended as a trusted partner who could deliver a world class drainage system to service these infrastructural improvements.

Eccles was recommended as a trusted partner who could deliver a world class drainage system to service Red Bull’s infrastructural improvements

Working with the sub-contractors we identified two key themes to satisfy the brief that Red Bull prescribed:

  • Firstly, they wanted a drainage solution that had environmental considerations as well as being innovative.
  • And secondly, they wanted the product to be lockable for security reasons.

After we evaluated and analysed all the technical information it was clear that our ECOM291ST Solid Top Composite Cover, part of the Eccles Group 2 B125 EasySeal™ range, was the ideal product to service Red Bull’s requirements.

Designed specifically for use in car parks and pedestrian areas where vehicular access is needed, these smart-looking 600mm x 600mm access covers are designed to withstand 125kN loading.

Manufactured from an innovative composite blend with a high strength-to-weight ratio, along with corrosion resistance, increased durability and an exceptional skid resistance 1.015 kN, these Solid Tops Covers require less maintenance over their life span.

This range also features our unique SmartGrip TechnologyTM anti-slip tread pattern as standard, designed to provide a high PSRV skid resistance value >70, as well as a three point suspension for non-rock stability.

The massive weight savings they generate help reduce transportation costs and decrease the carbon footprint of delivery and installation.

And, importantly for the client’s specification, the product frame is solid and lockable for security.

The units were installed on site – quickly and efficiently – and both the sub-contractor and end customer were delighted with the results.

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