South Tyneside District Hospital

New drainage for eco-friendly boiler house

A new Energy Centre built at South Tyneside District Hospital required the construction of a boiler house to help reduce the Trust’s carbon emissions.

This new combined heating and power unit is extremely innovative and environmentally-friendly, converting waste heat from low-grade hot water into usable energy, and thereby reducing the amount of money and resource spent on heating the hospital.

The efficient management of this water system, and the need to have effective drainage in place, were therefore seen as crucial to the successful operation of this plant.

Safe, convenient access would be required to the drains so that inspection and maintenance could be carried out at will.

The new boiler house required safe, convenient access to the drainage for easy inspection and maintenance

And on top of that, the deadline for this project was extremely tight – the supplier was given a short 48 hour lead time to source suitable products and get them installed.

The builder’s merchant turned to Eccles for help due to our strong reputation of giving helpful, honest advice, delivering a reliable, cost-effective solution, and (most importantly in this case) of always having large stocks available at short notice.

After consultation with the Eccles team we recommended DU022 as the ideal product for this job.

Part of the Eccles Group 4 D400 range, this popular access cover is certified with the BS EN124-2:2015 Kitemark to fit a 675 x 675mm clear opening.

Manufactured from ductile iron and featuring anti-slip tread, it is incredibly strong to withstand loads of up to 400kN (40 tons).

The D400s also feature our unique SmartGrip TechnologyTM anti-slip tread pattern as standard, designed to provide a high PSRV skid resistance value >70, as well as a three point suspension for non-rock stability.

We were able to provide competitive pricing and fast delivery, ensuring that the project was completed quickly and within the allocated timeframe.

The client was really pleased with the speed and quality of our solution: another example of Eccles working with key partners to respond quickly to market demand.  

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